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Areas of expertise

  • 水科学与工程


尤恩职业生涯的早期在工业界工作 as an analytical chemist for an executive agency of DEFRA, and a global pharmaceutical manufacturer before taking a consultancy role serving clients across the fine 化工、制药和制造业. Following a return to study, he received his doctorate on membrane technology in 2008 at Cranfield, where he continues to work on the development of novel membrane processes for the water sector, that foster new opportunities in energy management, process 集约化和资源回收.

Current activities

Professor McAdam’s research focusses on the development of hybrid membrane technologies for the water sector that permit selective separations, chemical and biochemical transformations, gas-liquid transfer or the initiation of a phase change, to enable opportunities in process intensification, energy production or resource recovery to be realised. He has secured over £10Mn of research income from research councils, an international 行业客户和非政府组织网络.

His present research portfolio includes acting as scientific lead to the ‘Nanomembrane Toilet’ funded through the Bill & 梅琳达·盖茨基金会获得了2018年创新奖 国际水协会颁发的奖项. 他目前还拥有一个著名的 five-year European Research Council Fellowship, focussed on membrane assisted crystallisation. For this research, he was awarded the 2017 Emerging Technologies prize, a European innovation competition conferred by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Prof. McAdam is principal investigator on six patented membrane technologies, and has collectively published over 140 peer reviewed journal and conference papers together with contributing 五篇重要的膜上出版的文本 technology. Ewan is currently 水与环境杂志主编, 国际发行的同行评审期刊 through Wiley.


  • Anglian Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Severn Trent Water
  • Sydney Water
  • Thames Water
  • Yorkshire Water
  • Alpheus Environmental
  • 比尔和梅琳达·盖茨基金会
  • Carbon Trust
  • Halcrow Group
  • Infinis
  • Kemira Chemicals


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Adams RJ, Barrington D, Collins M, Hutchings P, Ihasz O, Kolios A, McAdam E, Moreno M, Parker A, Tyrrel S, Vyakarnam, S & Williams L. (2018)传播金字塔底部高科技创新的商业模式配置的范围回顾. In: 英国管理学会2018年年会2018年9月4日至6日,西英格兰大学.
  • Anastasopoulou A, Kolios A, Somorin T, Sowale A, Jiang Y, Fidalgo B, Parker A, Williams L, Collins M, McAdam EJ & Tyrrel S (2018) Probabilistic life cycle assessment of the nano membrane toilet. In: ICWERS 2018: 20th International Conference on Waste-to-Energy Technologies and Sustainability, Rome, 5-6 March 2018.