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Areas of expertise

  • Environment and Health
  • 废物管理与资源效率
  • 水科学与工程


Tyrrel教授拥有利兹大学微生物学(荣誉)理学士学位, an MPhil on the interaction of engineering and environmental factors on iron biofouling in boreholes from Cranfield University and a PhD on Land-based wastewater treatment, 同样来自爱游戏电竞.


He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (FCIWEM) and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). 他也是应用微生物学会的成员和国际水协会的成员.

Research opportunities

爱体育官方网站在克兰菲尔德的EPSRC water - wise博士培训中心(CDT)有学生.  CDT是利兹大学、拉夫堡大学和爱游戏电竞之间的合作项目. water - smarter博士学位提供了一个独特的机会,为改善水资源的新知识的产生做出贡献, waste, 以及为全球社会中最贫穷和最边缘化的成员提供卫生基础设施和服务.  如果你对学生机会感兴趣,请联系我或访问网站

Current activities

Professor Tyrrel's research focuses on the application of 环境微生物学 to the management of organic solid wastes and wastewater. 他在该领域有超过30年的研究经验,并获得和管理NERC资助的研究合同, EPSRC, WRAP, Defra, DFID and several water and waste management companies. 他在研究废物管理实践之间的界面方面有良好的记录, 环境微生物学, and human health.

Professor Tyrrel is a key contributor to an on-going programme of work related to the fate of pathogens in faecal waste residuals (such as sewage sludge and animal slurry) applied to agricultural land, funded by NERC, EU-FP7, United Utilities, 以及沃尔什奖学金项目. 他为WRAP承担了一系列与英国农业有机回收风险评估相关的项目. Professor Tyrrel leads Cranfield's work on bioaerosol emission and dispersion from composting facilities and the implications of exposure to bioaerosols on human health.

He has been recognised nationally and internationally for this work through his appointment to the BSI Air Quality Committee and as UK principal delegate to the CEN committee on bioaerosol measurement. 泰瑞尔教授是特许环境学家和特许水与环境管理学会的研究员.


  • NERC
  • Defra
  • DFID
  • EU-FP7
  • Environment Agency
  • WRAP
  • United Utilities
  • Scottish Water
  • Severn Trent
  • Sita UK
  • WRG
  • Shanks
  • Bill & 梅林达•盖茨基金会
  • ACO Ltd
  • Mott McDonald


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